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Street Portraits | Sasha Korban
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Street Portraits | Sasha Korban

Sasha Korban is a Ukrainian artist originally from Kirovske. He’s been creating street art for well over a decade, and specialises in portrait work in a variety of different styles, from black and white realism to surreal and even cartoonish styles. As you can see form the images below, the artist is hugely talented and his large-scale artworks are sure to impress you.

StreetPortrait_feeldesain_01 StreetPortrait_feeldesain_02 StreetPortrait_feeldesain_03 StreetPortrait_feeldesain_04 StreetPortrait_feeldesain_05 StreetPortrait_feeldesain_06 StreetPortrait_feeldesain_07 StreetPortrait_feeldesain_08 StreetPortrait_feeldesain_09 StreetPortrait_feeldesain_10 StreetPortrait_feeldesain_11

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