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Disturbing Ceramics | Ronit Baranga
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Disturbing Ceramics | Ronit Baranga

We can’t deny that these ceramics are pretty unusual. The realistic mouths and fingers popping out of this tableware are the work of Ronit Baranga, an Israeli ceramicist. Baranga wanted to explore the border between the inner body and the external environment, and tried to deal with the concept of borders, and entry into deeper layers. The result is more than a little unsettling, but you have to admire her attention to detail – the mouths and fingers crafted from clay are certainly realistic. Find out more about the artist here.

DisturbingCeramics_feeldesain_01 DisturbingCeramics_feeldesain_02 DisturbingCeramics_feeldesain_03 DisturbingCeramics_feeldesain_04 DisturbingCeramics_feeldesain_05 DisturbingCeramics_feeldesain_06 DisturbingCeramics_feeldesain_07 DisturbingCeramics_feeldesain_08 DisturbingCeramics_feeldesain_09

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