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Comic Book Character
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Comic Book Character

Have you ever wanted to become a comic book character? Illustrator Shannon Gerard is the creator of a web comic called Unspent Love, or, Things I Wish I Told You published by Top Shelf Productions that tackles relatable subjects of hope, fear, and frailty.

Recently, the graphic novelist launched a paperback version of her series in Toronto. At the event, the Canada-based artist set up a photo booth-like set for fans and all attendees to capture an image of themselves against an Unspent backdrop. People got creative, replacing their own faces with that of the characters from the online comic. One image (as seen above) really stands out, displaying the right proportions between the illustrated cut-out and real-life stand-in, but they all exhibit a sense of whimsy and playfulness. Following the success of the photo booth, Gerard plans on making actual masks.

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