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The CORTIÇA mug | Robert Knox
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The CORTIÇA mug | Robert Knox

Cortiça – (kor-T-sa) Portuguese for cork.


If you are a heavy coffee drinker who would like to lighten your carbon footprint, the CORTIÇA mug may be just the thing for you. Consisting of a 12 oz porcelain mug wrapped in a cork sleeve that not only keeps your beverage warm but also serves as a coaster, this simple but stylish travel mug is a great alternative to paper or styrofoam disposable cups.


According to its creator Rober Knox, the use of cork and porcelain, “two very natural products”, means that eco-conscious users can rest easy with the knowledge that if the mug ever needs to be thrown out, it would decompose instead of staying on for ages in landfills. The CORTIÇA mug was recently successfully funded on Kickstarter.












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