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Ember Ceramic Mug keeps coffee at temperature for as long as you want
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Ember Ceramic Mug keeps coffee at temperature for as long as you want

The smart mug designed by Ammunition studio makes temperature-controlled products. You only need to connect it to your phone through Bluetooth and once the beverage reaches that temperature, the mug will maintain it.

On the outside it looks just like a regular cup, but beneath its unbreakable double-walled stainless steel and ceramic exterior, there’s complex tech making this seemingly simple feature work. Four sensors embedded inside relay temperature info to a microprocessor in the cup’s base, which tells the heating element to crank it up or dial it back. To recharge the cup–which is hand-wash only, obviously–simply rest it atop the included conductive coaster.

Two yeas ago, Ember launched its first product: a matte-black temperature-controlled travel mug also designed by Ammunition that let users both heat and cool their drinks to the right temperature. While its features and aesthetic were aimed squarely at the gadget-obsessed tech set, Ember’s new design is more sophisticated and looks just like a classic white mug you might find at Crate & Barrel or Williams Sonoma and that your lawyer friend, designer acquaintance, or grandma might buy. This is all part of Ember’s strategy to mainstream temperature-controlled products.

[Photo: courtesy Ammunition]

“It’s the Tesla business model,” Clay Alexander, CEO of Ember, says. “We launched with a premium product. [The travel mug] had a digital screen and phase-change cooling–it’s space technology in your hand. At $150 it had amazing sales, but it hit a ceiling.”

The ceramic mug will retail for $79 and is available exclusively at Starbucks and on Ember’s website. Alexander sees potential for it to be used in corporate settings, every day at home, or in any circumstance where you’d reach for a regular mug. The original travel mug was successful–it sold out at Starbucks, was featured on the Ellen show, and is on track to earn revenue in the “eight-digits” this year according to Ember. Alexander expects this next product to be even more popular, forecasting units sold in the hundreds of thousands within its first year.


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