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A beautiful subtle animation by illustrator Katie Scott
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A beautiful subtle animation by illustrator Katie Scott

A beautiful subtle animation by illustrator Katie Scott and motion graphic designer James Paulley. Their resulting installation, Publicis Botanical, was commissioned as an animated “living wallpaper” for the offices of London firm Publicis.

The result is a beautiful image that might be mistaken for a traditional floral wallpaper. Instead, the image evolves over time into a living scene. Displayed via a large scale projection and LCD display, the two seamless 10-minute loop offers the opportunity to transform otherwise mundane expectations, introducing that moment or opportunity for discovery.

“Together we created two seamlessly looping animations for display on an ultra-wide projector system and an LCD video wall.” commented James Paulley. “The animations evolve slowly over time, creating a subtle sense of movement with their fantastical botanical activity. This brings an intriguing feeling of change to the space in which they are displayed”.


Katie also designed “Sublime Botanicum” with Big Picture Press in association with Kew Gardens.


Images by Katie Scott

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