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Social Network only for drunk people | Livr
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Social Network only for drunk people | Livr

LIVR is a lifestyle app and social network that revolves around casual drinking and access to a party community comprised of other users of the app.

Founded by Kyle Addison and Avery Platz, LIVR can only be accessed by blowing into a plug-in breathalyzer and registering a high blood alcohol concentration.

Once the user has unlocked the app, he or she can access several features like crowdsourced party games and a map feature that allows users to see where the other users are in the area. The size of the circle on the map indicates the number of users in the area and the color indicates how much they have had to drink.

The app includes a Drunk Dial feature that connects users with a random user. The app also includes a Blackout feature, which essentially erases everything the user has done for that night. According to the creators, the Blackout feature helps users be themselves and have a good time.

The founders are currently looking for partners, investors, and users for LIVR.

Learn more about LIVR via the video below.

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