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short edition machine | sibieude

Wondering what to do while waiting the bus or the train? Instead of mindlessly staring at your phone or twiddling your thumbs, why not print out a quick short story. This new edition is created by a  small start-up in Grenoble, France and aims to do just that with the Short Edition vending machine. The machines were conceived by Short Edition co-founder Christophe Sibieude who was standing in front of a traditional candy vending machine and questioned if there might be a better way to pass the time other than snacking. So far, eight of the minimalistic vending machines have been installed around the city, each of which has three buttons that correlate with how much reading time you have to spare: 1, 3, or 5 minutes. The stories print instantly on narrow receipt paper which makes for easy reading and storage. The randomly printed stories are written by the Short Edition community, and also include poems and other forms of experimental short fiction. You can check it out the video below to better understand the process.

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