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Swaggering Sheep | Ann Huang
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Swaggering Sheep | Ann Huang

Go on, admit it – you’ve never seen a more adorable way to store your cotton swabs. Lawna is a project by Taiwanese student Ann Huang. It’s a fluffy sheep, made from one piece of hard paper and able to be folded flat in order to be easily stored. The sheep is hollow inside, and contains 50 cotton buds. When you need one you just have to turn the little creature over, tip its mouth down and a cotton swab will come out, ready to use.

Images: Ann Huang

Lawna_feeldesain_01 Lawna_feeldesain_02 Lawna_feeldesain_03 Lawna_feeldesain_04 Lawna_feeldesain_05 Lawna_feeldesain_06 Lawna_feeldesain_07

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