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Piero Fornasetti revail a new collaboration with Huawei to release a watch. The illustrative work of Piero Fornasetti has been applied to a piece of digital technology. The art of Fornasetti is classically found decorating porcelain pieces, furniture, clocks and other analog objects. His son Barnaba was able to create and produce a limited edition watch that showcases the artistic vision of his father, combined with the technological innovations of Huawei. The wristwatch allows users to stay connected wherever they are, providing instant notifications for calls, texts, instant messages and emails. The design of this watch is circular showing face features the icon Fornasetti that is the circular watch face features the iconic Fornasetti ‘tema e variazioni’ , that is the portrait of 19th century Italian opera singer and actress, Lina Cavalieri of which Piero made more than 500 completely different art works. The watch strap is canvassed in the classic green ‘malachite’ motif (a rich green gemstone), used widely by Fornasetti, while the accompanying special edition case displays the instantly-recognizable Fornasetti keyhole drawing.

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