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Vessel | Splinter Works
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Vessel | Splinter Works

The hammock and the bath are two places where we can fully unwind, and Splinter Works’ design, Vessel, combines the two for a fully relaxing experience. The carbon fibre creation was designed to feature in a wet room and is suspended like a hammock, not even touching the floor. The bath is strong thanks to the carbon fibre from which it is made, but also features a foam core which allows the water to stay hotter for longer – meaning you can spend longer relaxing in the tub. To find out more about the Vessel bath-hammock, head over to Splinter Works’ site.

Vessel_feeldesain_01 Vessel_feeldesain_02 Vessel_feeldesain_03 Vessel_feeldesain_04 Vessel_feeldesain_05 Vessel_feeldesain_06 Vessel_feeldesain_07 Vessel_feeldesain_08 Vessel_feeldesain_09 Vessel_feeldesain_10 Vessel_feeldesain_11

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