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SpongeSuit | UC Riverside with Eray/Carbajo
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SpongeSuit | UC Riverside with Eray/Carbajo

This design is sure to divide opinion. In an attempt to help solve the problem of pollution of the oceans, a team from the University of California, Riverside paired up with design studio Eray/Carbajo and came up with the SpongeSuit. So what is it, exactly?


A bikini with a difference, SpongeSuit is composed of a hi-tech 3D printed shell, and uses a new kind of swimwear material which can absorb 25x its own weight in pollutants. When you go in the sea, the super-hydrophobic carbon-based material in the suit soaks up the bad things floating around you (but not the water itself), and stores the pollutants in the pores of the fabric. The catch is that the nasty stuff can only be released by heating the material to 1832ºF, so it’s not a hundred percent clear how we’re supposed to remove the horrible ocean toxins from our beachwear. Of course, the product is not quite ready to go on sale just yet, but we look forward to seeing how the material is used to contribute to the cleanliness of our planet in the future.

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