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Life-like wooden sculptures | Peter Demetz
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Life-like wooden sculptures | Peter Demetz

Peter Demetz is an artist from Bolzano, Italy, and we love his wooden sculpture work. Demetz’s attention to detail means that these little sculptures are packed full of lifelike features, from the folds in clothing fabrics to the expressions in the tiny figures’ faces. The artist clearly has an amazing understanding of human anatomy and is a master of his craft. See more of his work below.

Realistic-Wood-Sculptures_feeldesain_01 Realistic-Wood-Sculptures_feeldesain_02 Realistic-Wood-Sculptures_feeldesain_03 Realistic-Wood-Sculptures_feeldesain_04 Realistic-Wood-Sculptures_feeldesain_05 Realistic-Wood-Sculptures_feeldesain_06 Realistic-Wood-Sculptures_feeldesain_07 Realistic-Wood-Sculptures_feeldesain_08 Realistic-Wood-Sculptures_feeldesain_09 Realistic-Wood-Sculptures_feeldesain_10 Realistic-Wood-Sculptures_feeldesain_11

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