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Eco Mural for Polska Grupa Energetyczna
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Eco Mural for Polska Grupa Energetyczna

Most street art uses paint (although Anna Garforth and Perergine Church/Xack Fischer have other ideas), and not a lot of it can be deemed environmentally friendly. This massive mural was created by agency Scholz & Friends and Good Looking Studio, and designed by Polish illustrator Przemek Truściński  for PGE (Polska Grupa Energetyczna) – an energy company with a great interest in green energy. The 80 metre-high mural can be found by Lake Solińskie, in the Bieszczady Mountains in Poland. A team of people created the huge artwork by pressure washing certain areas of the wall, removing sediment and creating an image without using paint, chemicals or anything else, just water. The image itself represents the wildlife in this area of the country, and aims to promote ecology, education, and even tourism in the region.

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