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Kids’ Treehouse | Sharon Davis Design
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Kids’ Treehouse | Sharon Davis Design

Loads of us wanted a treehouse as children, and this creation by Sharon Davis Design looks like every kid’s dream. Although it’s not technically a treehouse, as it’s not actually in a tree, the 350 square foot playhouse has two levels (the main floor and the crow’s nest), and is full of fun things for its occupants to have fun with. There’s a slide, climbing net, ladder, trap door, balcony, fireman’s pole and even a mahogany writing desk so that the little explorers can do their homework up at the top, where they have views of the Hudson River Valley. Pretty cool, right?

KidsTreehouse_feeldesain_01 KidsTreehouse_feeldesain_02 KidsTreehouse_feeldesain_03 KidsTreehouse_feeldesain_04 KidsTreehouse_feeldesain_05 KidsTreehouse_feeldesain_06 KidsTreehouse_feeldesain_07 KidsTreehouse_feeldesain_08 KidsTreehouse_feeldesain_09 KidsTreehouse_feeldesain_10

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