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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 50: Coca Cola
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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 50: Coca Cola

Coca Cola is one of the partners of Expo 2015 and has created this bright red pavilion, designed by Peia Associati, which it hopes will show the public the brand’s sustainability model through an interactive journey for visitors. The modular pavilion, which features the iconic contour bottle silhouette and logo, is made from sustainable, recyclable, and reusable materials such as wood, glass and water and was created considering how it will be reused after the end of the event – as a sports centre for the local community. The shape and cladding of the structure were designed in order to allow natural ventilation throughout the space, the roof is covered in plants, and the entrance and exit do not have doors but waterfalls instead. Have a look at Coca Cola’s pavilion below.

ExpoCocaCola_feeldesain_01 ExpoCocaCola_feeldesain_02 ExpoCocaCola_feeldesain_03 ExpoCocaCola_feeldesain_04a ottimizzare , centrare e linee dritte inquadrare riducendo il bordo rosso sopra e a destra ExpoCocaCola_feeldesain_05 ExpoCocaCola_feeldesain_06 ExpoCocaCola_feeldesain_07 vedoi inquadratura jpg , se riesci tirare un po fuori la figura nello schermo solo bianco ottimizzto ExpoCocaCola_feeldesain_10 se riesci tira fuori un po le figure nel pannello ExpoCocaCola_feeldesain_12 ExpoCocaCola_feeldesain_13 ExpoCocaCola_feeldesain_14 ExpoCocaCola_feeldesain_15 ExpoCocaCola_feeldesain_16 ExpoCocaCola_feeldesain_17
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