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Plane to Product | KLM & Design Academy Eindhoven
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Plane to Product | KLM & Design Academy Eindhoven

Airline KLM collaborated with the Design Academy Eindhoven on Plane to Product, a fun recycling project. Using objects taken from aeroplane interiors, Design Academy students created new and useful products. KLM has recently upgraded their World Business Class, so gave 14 students the opportunity to tear one cabin interior apart and do as they wanted with the materials inside. In 12 weeks, they had to design products which would be useful while travelling, and which were made from at least 70% recycled materials. The results of the project include a kids’ backpack, some exercise tools for in-flight movement, a “privacy headpiece” and some snazzy on-board slippers. Take a look at some of the designs below, and try to work out what they were recycled from!

recyclingairplaneproducts_feeldesain_01 recyclingairplaneproducts_feeldesain_02 recyclingairplaneproducts_feeldesain_03 recyclingairplaneproducts_feeldesain_04 recyclingairplaneproducts_feeldesain_05 recyclingairplaneproducts_feeldesain_06 recyclingairplaneproducts_feeldesain_07 recyclingairplaneproducts_feeldesain_08

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