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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 49: Iran
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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 49: Iran

The Iranian pavilion at Expo Milano 2015 was designed in three phases – the concept prepared by local architect Kamran Safamanesh and his team, the architectural design by Rah Shahr Architectural Consulting Engineers and the final phase completed by Italian studio RPA S.r.l. The theme of the pavilion is all based around the Sofreh – a fabric square which is an important element of Persian ceremonies. The inner part of the tent is supposed to remind visitors of the patterns of the Sofreh. Inside, the pavilion tells the story of the country’s territory, from north to south, showing visitors the differences in climate and environment throughout Iran as well as telling them about the culture, lifestyle and tourism around the nation. The pavilion is very green, as there is plenty of Iran’s native vegetation on show, and a ceiling covered in mirrors lets visitors see their journey reflected above their heads, as if in the sky. The upper level of the pavilion is a dedicated exhibition space, divided according to the seven climatic regions. Underneath, visitors can sample the products and food of Iran. Some images of the pavilion can be seen below. Come back tomorrow for the next pavilion in our series.

ExpoIran_feeldesain_01 ExpoIran_feeldesain_02 ExpoIran_feeldesain_03 ExpoIran_feeldesain_04 ExpoIran_feeldesain_05 ExpoIran_feeldesain_06 ExpoIran_feeldesain_07 ExpoIran_feeldesain_08 ExpoIran_feeldesain_09 ExpoIran_feeldesain_10 ExpoIran_feeldesain_11 ExpoIran_feeldesain_12 ExpoIran_feeldesain_13 ExpoIran_feeldesain_14

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