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Paintings for the blind
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Paintings for the blind

Touching old, expensive paintings isn’t what you’re expected to do in a gallery – in fact you’d usually be chucked out if you did – but at the Prado Museum in Madrid, a new exhibition allows and indeed encourages visitors to touch some of the most recognisable pieces of art in the world. Naturally, these paintings are replicas which have been reproduced with 3D printing techniques in order to create subtle textures and layers, allowing you to see with your fingers, and were especially intended for the visually impaired to connect with art, despite not being able to see it. The Hoy toca el Prado  (Touching the Prado) exhibition was produced by Estudios Durero, who used a process called Didú in order to create touch-friendly versions of works by Goya and Da Vinci, and will be in the Spanish capital until the end of June.

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