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Ikea’s ÖNSKEDRÖM collection with Olle Eksell
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Ikea’s ÖNSKEDRÖM collection with Olle Eksell

IKEA‘s new collection, available from the end of this month, is dedicated to one of Sweden’s best-known graphic designers, Olle Eksell. His playful and charming illustrations are right up IKEA’s street, and the Swedish brand’s new collection, named ÖNSKEDRÖM, is based on 3 different motifs which appear on all kinds of products, from mugs to rugs, coasters to posters and features both black and white prints and great colour combinations. The collection will put a smile on your face, and we bet you’ll want to get at least a couple of the pieces for your own home…

Ikea_Eksell_feeldesain_01 Ikea_Eksell_feeldesain_02 Ikea_Eksell_feeldesain_03 Ikea_Eksell_feeldesain_04 Ikea_Eksell_feeldesain_05 Ikea_Eksell_feeldesain_06 Ikea_Eksell_feeldesain_07 Ikea_Eksell_feeldesain_08 Ikea_Eksell_feeldesain_09 Ikea_Eksell_feeldesain_10 Ikea_Eksell_feeldesain_11 Ikea_Eksell_feeldesain_12 Ikea_Eksell_feeldesain_13 Ikea_Eksell_feeldesain_14 Ikea_Eksell_feeldesain_15

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