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Tree Branches Picture Frames | Darryl Cox
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Tree Branches Picture Frames | Darryl Cox

The skilled artist Darryl Cox fuses ornate vintage picture frames with tree branches found in the forests of central Oregon for his design. The branches serve as a simple reminder of the materials used to build picture frames, but also create an unusual form factor where clean lines and ornate moulding patterns seem to naturally traverse the bark of each tree limb. As you can see from the images below, each piece involves many hours of woodworking, sculpting, and painting. Follow him on Facebook.

Images Credit: FusionFrames

TwistedTree_FeelDesain_01 TwistedTree_FeelDesain_02 TwistedTree_FeelDesain_04


TwistedTree_FeelDesain_05 TwistedTree_FeelDesain_06 TwistedTree_FeelDesain_07 TwistedTree_FeelDesain_08 TwistedTree_FeelDesain_09 TwistedTree_FeelDesain_10

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