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Animals painted in urban world | JOsh Keyes
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Animals painted in urban world | JOsh Keyes

This artist is based in Portland, his name is Josh Keyes and through his hyperrealistic paintings he depicts a surreal world where nature has reclaimed our urban world. A poignant and satirical look at the impact urban sprawl has on the environment. His main subject in the paintings are animals involved in daily urban situations. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Images credit: Josh Keyes

AnimalsUrbanWorld_FeelDesain_12 AnimalsUrbanWorld_FeelDesain_14 AnimalsUrbanWorld_FeelDesain_15 AnimalsUrbanWorld_FeelDesain_16 AnimalsUrbanWorld_FeelDesain_18 AnimalsUrbanWorld_FeelDesain_02 AnimalsUrbanWorld_FeelDesain_04 AnimalsUrbanWorld_FeelDesain_05 AnimalsUrbanWorld_FeelDesain_06 AnimalsUrbanWorld_FeelDesain_07 AnimalsUrbanWorld_FeelDesain_08 AnimalsUrbanWorld_FeelDesain_09 AnimalsUrbanWorld_FeelDesain_10 AnimalsUrbanWorld_FeelDesain_11 AnimalsUrbanWorld_FeelDesain_13 AnimalsUrbanWorld_FeelDesain_01 AnimalsUrbanWorld_FeelDesain_03 AnimalsUrbanWorld_FeelDesain_17


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