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Photorealistic Drawings by Franco Clun
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Photorealistic Drawings by Franco Clun

These are among the most beautiful photorealistic graphite drawings we’ve ever posted on FD. The talented Italian artist, Franco Clun, says that his secret is his immense passion … the result, you can see for yourself!

FEELDESAIN pencil_drawins_by_franco_clun_01

FEELDESAIN pencil_drawins_by_franco_clun_02

FEELDESAIN pencil_drawins_by_franco_clun_03

FEELDESAIN pencil_drawins_by_franco_clun_04 FEELDESAIN pencil_drawins_by_franco_clun_05 FEELDESAIN pencil_drawins_by_franco_clun_06

FEELDESAIN pencil_drawins_by_franco_clun_07

FEELDESAIN pencil_drawins_by_franco_clun_08

FEELDESAIN rita_levi_montalcini_by_francoclun-d5ohjwa

FEELDESAIN pencil_drawins_by_franco_clun_10

Franco Clun self portrait.

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