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Klaarchitectuur renovate a chapel into a coworking space
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Klaarchitectuur renovate a chapel into a coworking space

Klaarchitectuur renovate a chapel into a dynamic coworking space. This initiative was developed in order to restore the building to public use.

The project, created by Belgian architects Klaarchitectuur, changed the architecture which now offers a collection of versatile work spaces. The Waterdog’s primary function is to provide a new home for the architects who designed it, alongside various studio offices and event rooms.

At the heart of this chapel, located in Sint-Truiden, Klaarchitectuur has maintained a large open plan layout, around which each department is stacked to receive a different view of the original and renovated interior architecture. By constructing contemporary forms within a historical structure, the architects aim to provide an inspiring experience for those working in and visiting the building alike, presenting a new perspective for each architectural style.

Photography Toon GrobetFlos&Beeldpunt and Marc Scheepers

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