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Product Review: Veeka Levitan Gloves
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Product Review: Veeka Levitan Gloves

This week we put these very stylish Veeka cycling gloves to the test. Cycling gloves are often very practical but more than a little unattractive, but these ones are both useful and good-looking. Who said you can’t have style and practicality? The leather gloves are slightly vintage-looking in appearance, which is very in right now, but have modern technology behind them, including non-stick silicone for grip and technical quick drying suede panels over the palms. The gloves are super comfortable and soft, and give you a solid grip on the handlebars, as well as fitting well (they come in 3 sizes so you won’t end up with the classic one-size-fits-all problem). Take a look at our pictures below to see the gloves in action, and go to Veeka’s website to find out more about their products.






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