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Species in Pieces
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Species in Pieces

In Pieces is an interactive exhibition which shows 30 of the world’s endangered species of animals, each of which is formed from 30 pieces. The project is not just a graphic one using CSS polygons (although it’s very well done and lovely to look at!) – plenty of research has been done and it is clear that In Pieces has been created first and foremost as an educational tool, showing lots of information and statistics about each of the species shown. Take a look at the site (preferably with Google Chrome) and see what you think.

InPieces_feeldesain_01 InPieces_feeldesain_02 InPieces_feeldesain_03 InPieces_feeldesain_04 InPieces_feeldesain_05 InPieces_feeldesain_06 InPieces_feeldesain_07 InPieces_feeldesain_08 InPieces_feeldesain_09 InPieces_feeldesain_10 InPieces_feeldesain_11

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