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The Selfie Syndrome
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The Selfie Syndrome

Infographic: The Selfie Syndrome – How Social Media Is Making Us Narcissistic

Website has recently published an infographic titled “Selfie Syndrome – How Social Media is Making Us Narcissistic”.
This infographic outlines the ways in which our current social media culture and habits indicate a narcissistic pattern where everything you do has a self-fulfilling purpose.

View the infographic below:



Schermata 2013-12-09 alle 10.12.41

Schermata 2013-12-09 alle 10.12.50

Schermata 2013-12-09 alle 10.12.59

Schermata 2013-12-09 alle 10.13.06

Schermata 2013-12-09 alle 10.13.18

Schermata 2013-12-09 alle 10.13.30

Are we actually getting increasingly narcissistic? You be the judge of that.
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