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Gardens by the Bay | Cloud Forest
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Gardens by the Bay | Cloud Forest

We are in Singapore and the place we want to show you is called Gardens by the Bay, a horticulture-themed leisure destination that introduces nature to the heart of the city. Referred to as “a mysterious world veiled in mist” is Cloud Forestthe man-made location of a mountain, full of vegetation and diverse flora. When you see it is like being in the movie of Jurassic Park, the interior of this “super tree” vertical garden features the majestic balance of modern technology, architecture and the unmatched presence of nature, including the largest indoor waterfall in the world.  At the root of this indoor natural wonderland are the principles of environmental sustainability, as the city aims to raise quality of life by enhancing green space and species of flora. Planning efforts for the Gardens aim to maintain sustainable cycles in energy and water throughout, making this entrancing destination both lovely and environmentally friendly. We think that places like this should be in every big metropolitan city of the world, to give life and fresher air to everyone!

Images Credit: Gardens by the Bay

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