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Lullock | Victoria University of Wellington
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Lullock | Victoria University of Wellington

Do you want something innovative for your home? Well this is a unique couch that moves to fit your body movements. This couch will offers maximum comfort. It is designed as a floor level couch, the ‘Lullock’ is a series of seats that promise the most comfortable lounging experience.  The unique chair is designed by students Nicole Hone, Reuben Knauf, Darnar Kruy, Nisha Brunt, and James Edwards from the Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. Its arched frame encourages sitters to recline, and its malleable design folds to fit the sitter’s body movements, so that users can transition from one position to another. The ‘Lullock’ is made with black fabric and contains green spongy “florets” made from spiraled foam and felt that act as pillows for users to sink into. Sitters can choose their desired position of comfort while reading or relaxing.

Images credit: Nicole Hone

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