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Best Gadgets Gift Guide
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Best Gadgets Gift Guide

Gadgets are always a good idea at Christmas. If you can manage to find a gift which is both novel and useful, you’re on to a winner. Here are ten suggestions for gadget lovers and the tech obsessed!


1. Night Cable

Video: Native Union

What? You know the frustration of fumbling around trying to find your phone cable which has fallen down the side of the bed or off the edge of the table? We’ve all been there. Night Cable is a regular iPhone cable, only it has a weighted knot on it, which can be moved around, so that you can weight down your charger wherever you want it to stay. It’s a pretty neat idea, and looks kind of cute and nautical as well.


How much? €39.99


Where can I get it? Online here


2. Headphone-holding iPhone case


Photo: ASOS


What? We all know someone who won’t leave the house without their headphones, who listens to music from their smartphone everywhere they go. This iPhone 6 case also acts as a storage device for headphones, so no more irritating tangles!


How much? €20.57


Where can I get it? On ASOS



3.  A Portable DJ Kit


What? Ok, it’s not the cheapest, but this would make a very cool gift. This little gadget turns your iPhone into a portable mixer, meaning that house parties just got a whole lot cooler. It’s small so can very easily be carried around. Perfect for a budding DJ!


How much? €96.66


Where can I get it? On Uncommon Goods


4. GoTenna


Image: goTenna

What? Something else that isn’t particularly cheap but is ridiculously awesome is goTenna. If you’ve ever been hiking or exploring, you’ll know what it’s like to feel the wave of panic that comes with not being able to contact anyone, even in an emergency. GoTenna is “a cognitive digital radio combined with an app that generates its own signal and automatically coordinates with other units within range”, meaning that you can stay in touch with your excursion partners even if one of you gets lots. Very clever and extremely useful!


How much? $199 for two


Where can I get it? On goTenna’s site


5. A smart Piggy Bank


Image via Quirky

What? This is the smartest piggy bank around. Sync it with an app on your mobile, and track how much cash you’ve saved. You can also set financial goals, ideal if you need to save up for something special. It also alerts you if the pig is being tampered with, so you won’t have to worry about anyone pinching your money.


How much? $19.55


Where can I get it? On Amazon


6. A really, really cute emergency charger


Image via Photojojo

What? It’s always useful to have an emergency charger on hand for when your phone runs out of juice. And what better way to recharge than with some, well, juice? This little charger has enough power for 2/3 charges before needing a recharge itself.


How much? $40


Where can I get it? On Photojojo

7. A Retro iPad holder


Image: Uncommon Goods

What? For the tech addict in denial, a retro-inspired recycled cardboard iPad stand by Luis Rodrigalvarez, will give a tablet the look of a vintage television. Fun to look at and actually quite useful for people who like to relax with a movie on their iPad.


How much? €29


Where can I get it? On Uncommon Goods


8. Google Chromecast


Image: Google

What? If you haven’t heard of Chromecast, where have you been? This little device is a media streaming system which connects your mobile/tablet to the HDMI port on your television, so you can cast your favourite shows, movies, games and more.


How much? €39


Where can I get it? On the Google Store



9. An adorable DSLR USB key


Image: Photojojo

What? For the photographer in your life, these cute USB sticks shaped like cameras could be the ideal gift. The 8GB storage means plenty of photos can be saved on the tiny device, and naturally, it’s available either in a Canon or Nikon version.


How much? $20


Where can I get it? On Photojojo


10. The ultimate tech lover’s gift


Image: DJI

What? This amazing piece of kit is the Phantom 3 drone, and it is the dream gift for a gadget lover. The intelligent flight system means it’s not difficult to fly, you can use the aerial camera to take amazingly stable videos and photos, and you can even get a live birds’ eye view from your mobile. Pretty cool, huh?


How much? £619


Where can I get it? On DJI’s online store



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