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Ripples | SteamCC

You’ve probably come across the occasional barista who tries out his cappuccino artwork on your order, or who “artistically” sprinkles cocoa powder through a heart-shaped stencil onto your latte. The results of both of these things can be quite impressive, if you know what you’re doing, but can also leave a lot to be desired. Ripples combines 3D printer mechanics and inkjet printer technology, and uses coffee bean drops to create incredible art on top of your coffee. The machine is connected to a library of designs through WiFi, and prints images in under 10 seconds. You can even upload your own designs to the library if you want to. Ripples was designed by Israeli design studio SteamCC and was thought up as a product for the caffeine-dependent but also for brands who want to advertise even on hot beverages. It’s perhaps not the kind of gadget you’d need every day, but we have to admit that Rippled has a wow factor!

Ripples_feeldesain_01 Ripples_feeldesain_02 Ripples_feeldesain_03 Ripples_feeldesain_04 Ripples_feeldesain_05 Ripples_feeldesain_06 Ripples_feeldesain_07 Ripples_feeldesain_08 Ripples_feeldesain_09 Ripples_feeldesain_10

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