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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 76: Intesa Sanpaolo 1
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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 76: Intesa Sanpaolo 1

Intesa Sanpaolo is an Italian bank and one of the main sponsors of the 2015 Milan Expo. They have not one but two pavilions at the event, and today we’re bringing you the first. Designed by Michele De LucchiThe Waterstone is a sustainable construction made from green and recyclable materials. The pavilion was designed to look like “three polished stones with four waterfalls cascading between their connections” and has a covering created according to an ancient building technique using shingles. Inside, the two-level pavilion is quite barn-like, with huge spaces and exposed wood. The construction of the pavilion allows for natural cooling to protect visitors from the Milanese heat. Downstairs, there’s an innovative bank branch and an art installation by Studio Azzurro, as well as other multi-sensory and interactive installations, while the first floor holds meeting and events spaces.

ExpoIntesaSanpaolo1_feeldesain_01 ExpoIntesaSanpaolo1_feeldesain_02 ExpoIntesaSanpaolo1_feeldesain_03 ExpoIntesaSanpaolo1_feeldesain_04 Padiglione Banca Intesa SanPaolo ExpoIntesaSanpaolo1_feeldesain_06 ExpoIntesaSanpaolo1_feeldesain_07 ExpoIntesaSanpaolo1_feeldesain_08 ExpoIntesaSanpaolo1_feeldesain_09 Sicilian cannoli from Italy ExpoIntesaSanpaolo1_feeldesain_11 ExpoIntesaSanpaolo1_feeldesain_12 ExpoIntesaSanpaolo1_feeldesain_13 ExpoIntesaSanpaolo1_feeldesain_14 ExpoIntesaSanpaolo1_feeldesain_15 ExpoIntesaSanpaolo1_feeldesain_16 ExpoIntesaSanpaolo1_feeldesain_17 ExpoIntesaSanpaolo1_feeldesain_18

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