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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 77: Caritas
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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 77: Caritas

Piuarch, the studio which is also behind the ENEL pavilion at Milan’s Expo, has created charity organisation Caritas‘ pavilion too. The main concept behind the design is the idea of creating wealth by sharing. The Edicola looks a lot like a fragmented cube, and is divided into five smaller structures. The simple structure is environmentally friendly in its construction, with natural cooling and no need for air conditioning, also encouraging natural light in order to keep energy use to a minimum. Visitors are guided between the various areas, enjoying multimedia experiences and sharing the experience with others by recording a video message. At the centre of the exhibition is an installation by Wolf Vostell called Energy. There are also numerous talks and conferences organised over the 6 months of Expo where visitors can learn more about Caritas and important topics regarding food, water, and other world issues.

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