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14 Delicious Hot Drinks From Around The World
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14 Delicious Hot Drinks From Around The World

Craving for hot chocolate, apple cider and pumpkin spice latte? This is the right season for a traditional hot beverage consumed during winter. In the spirit of the holidays, UK-based travel Medway Leisure Travel has created an infographic featuring 14 delicious and alternative hot drinks from around the world. They include sicak sarap from Turkey; a kind of rich and bold wine, and chai; an aromatic, spicy tea from India. The drinks are accompanied by their respective ingredients and serving sizes so you can make them at home. Choose the one you prefer and enjoy it!
HotDrinks_FeelDesain_01 HotDrinks_FeelDesain_02 HotDrinks_FeelDesain_07 HotDrinks_FeelDesain_05 HotDrinks_FeelDesain_06 HotDrinks_FeelDesain_03 HotDrinks_FeelDesain_04

via Medway Leisure Travel

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