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Tyche Apartment | CaSA
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Tyche Apartment | CaSA

This apartment in Barcelona was renovated under the guidance of Colombo and Serboli Architects. The 97 square metre space was transformed for its owners, an Italian family who use the house as a holiday home and were in need of a contemporary space which also retained some original details, as well as three bedrooms. The stand-out feature of the house is the flooring – geometric art nouveau-style tiles in pastel tones which are picked up in the rest of the decor. To make the flooring stand out, the rest of the interior is very neutral, other than accent walls and features in pastel shades. The ceilings – traditional Catalan vaults – have been restored to their former glory, and furniture has been carefully chosen to bring out the best in the architecture and decor. Read more about this project here.

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