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Inspiring Interiors from Airbnb in Turin
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Inspiring Interiors from Airbnb in Turin

We’re sure you’ve seen this article by the New York Times, showing 52 amazing places to visit this year. As proud residents of Turin, we were happy to see our own city get some recognition on this list, because not only is it beautiful and filled with history, but it’s also bursting with creativity, with up and coming talents and amazing design around every corner.


If you’re coming to visit Turin any time soon, how about coming to stay in Feel Desain‘s very own Airbnb apartments? Both flats are in the trendy San Salvario area of the city and have been lovingly revamped and decorated in two styles:


The White Apt has been decorated in a minimal and mostly monochrome fashion with a black and white geometric floor pattern running through the house. The theme running through the house is that of Letters, each of which represents a part of the city of Turin – E is for the famous Egyptian Museum, while G stands for the delicious chocolate shop Gobino. See apartment on Airbnb.


The Hand Made Apartment has a more bohemian feel, and is filled with carefully-sourced vintage touches. The colour scheme is simple, and there are little industrial touches in the lighting. Travellers are made to feel welcome with decorative vintage suitcases and a fun, raised sleeping area with handmade bedside table. See apartment on Airbnb.


Images of both apartments below, all via Airbnb.


The White Apt:

WhiteApt_feeldesain_01 WhiteApt_feeldesain_02 WhiteApt_feeldesain_03 WhiteApt_feeldesain_04 WhiteApt_feeldesain_05 WhiteApt_feeldesain_06 WhiteApt_feeldesain_07 WhiteApt_feeldesain_08 WhiteApt_feeldesain_09 WhiteApt_feeldesain_10


Hand Made Apartment:

HandMadeApt_feeldesain_01 HandMadeApt_feeldesain_02 HandMadeApt_feeldesain_03 HandMadeApt_feeldesain_04 HandMadeApt_feeldesain_05 HandMadeApt_feeldesain_06 HandMadeApt_feeldesain_07 HandMadeApt_feeldesain_08 HandMadeApt_feeldesain_09 HandMadeApt_feeldesain_10

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