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Apartment with Slide | KI Design
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Apartment with Slide | KI Design

This apartment in Ukraine is more or less the perfect compromise of style and fun. Designed by KI Design, the flat features carefully chosen finishes like white brickwork, geometric wood, and bold lines. There’s also a wall of leaves and a beautiful semi open-plan layout, but the real pièce de résistance is the huge slide which connects the two floors. The slide is an original touch without feeling excessively gimmicky, and will certainly bring a lot of joy to the apartment’s residents as they go downstairs in a fun new way. There are also plenty of other beautiful touches in the house, which you can see in the images below.


Images: KI Design

slidehouse_feeldesain_01 slidehouse_feeldesain_02 slidehouse_feeldesain_03 slidehouse_feeldesain_04 slidehouse_feeldesain_05 slidehouse_feeldesain_06 slidehouse_feeldesain_07 slidehouse_feeldesain_08 slidehouse_feeldesain_09 slidehouse_feeldesain_10 slidehouse_feeldesain_11 slidehouse_feeldesain_12 slidehouse_feeldesain_13 slidehouse_feeldesain_14 slidehouse_feeldesain_15 slidehouse_feeldesain_16 slidehouse_feeldesain_17 slidehouse_feeldesain_18

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