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GoldRush | Črtomir Just
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GoldRush | Črtomir Just

Tons of products use the word “gold” in their name. It projects luxury and makes consumers feel that they’re buying quality. Črtomir Just, a Slovenian designer, has created this fun 3D series which literally transforms various products with “gold” in their name into the gold version of themselves. He used 3DS Max, Zbrush and Vray to create 3D digital art depicting Magnum Gold, Marlboro Gold, Haribo Goldbears, Jacobs Gold, and Kodak Gold on bright, pastel backgrounds. If you like them, you can also buy prints here.

GoldRush_feeldesain_01 GoldRush_feeldesain_02 GoldRush_feeldesain_03 GoldRush_feeldesain_04 GoldRush_feeldesain_05 GoldRush_feeldesain_06 GoldRush_feeldesain_07

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