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Saent | Tim Metz and Russell Haines
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Saent | Tim Metz and Russell Haines

With all the distractions that surround us – incoming phonecalls, notifications from apps, e-mails arriving and the desperate urge to look at your friends’ holiday pictures on Facebook – it’s sometimes hard to stay focused at work. Saent (pronounced “saint”) is a little white button and accompanying software which aims to help you cut out the distractions for good. To start a focused work session, simply press the button, and all your distractions will be instantly blocked. The software locks you into productive websites and apps, and blocks out a list of sites and apps which could distract you (it comes pre-loaded with a list, and you can change your preferences too). It recognises important messages, so you won’t miss the all-important notifications from your boss. The button itself reminds your workmates that you’re in the zone and don’t need distractions, the app tracks your work sessions, and in the spirit of competition you can even challenge your colleagues for the title of most productive. Read more on Saent’s Indiegogo campaign page.

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