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Ho Chi Minh City Renovation | 07BEACH
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Ho Chi Minh City Renovation | 07BEACH

Some families include four legged friends as well as humans, and Joe Chikamori of 07BEACH wanted to design a home which was suitable for every member of the family of his client and friend. The best part of this new home in Vietnam is undoubtedly the pet staircase for the client’s small dogs, which runs alongside the human stairs but is at a less steep angle and has much smaller steps. Chikamori wanted to create a house which was not only comfortable for family life, but also more fun than a regular house. Check out some images below and find out more about the project here.

OhChiMin_feeldesain_01 OhChiMin_feeldesain_02 OhChiMin_feeldesain_03 OhChiMin_feeldesain_04 OhChiMin_feeldesain_05 OhChiMin_feeldesain_06 OhChiMin_feeldesain_07 OhChiMin_feeldesain_08 OhChiMin_feeldesain_09 OhChiMin_feeldesain_10 OhChiMin_feeldesain_11 OhChiMin_feeldesain_12 OhChiMin_feeldesain_13

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