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Hotel Not Hotel Amsterdam
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Hotel Not Hotel Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city filled with creative people and beautiful places to visit, so it’s only right that you should stay in a beautiful, creative place while you’re there. The Hotel Not Hotel is exactly the kind of place you’re after. It’s not like a regular hotel (hence the name), as each room is unique. Most of the rooms – which include one of Amsterdam’s tram carriages, or a sleeping space behind a secret door in a bookcase – were designed by Collaboration-O, a group of young designers from the Eindhoven Design Academy. Between the rooms, you’ll find comfortable and stylish living spaces and even classic Veloretti bikes to hire for exploring the city. There are 50 beds in 23 rooms and prices are reasonable. The only problem with this particular hotel is that, well, you probably won’t want to leave. You can book your stay on their website, (or learn more about each of the rooms here) and if you’re looking for more awesome hotel inspiration, we have plenty more here on Feel Desain.

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