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METOD Kitchen Video | BBH for IKEA
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METOD Kitchen Video | BBH for IKEA

IKEA wanted to show how easy it is to create a tailor-made kitchen with their METOD modular kitchen system, so they asked BBH Asia Pacific to create this brilliant advertising video. Using various “ingredients” which can all be found in the 2016 IKEA catalogue, the video shows how to make your dream kitchen come to life. Watch it below.

IkeaKitchen_feeldesain_01 IkeaKitchen_feeldesain_02 IkeaKitchen_feeldesain_03 IkeaKitchen_feeldesain_04 IkeaKitchen_feeldesain_05 IkeaKitchen_feeldesain_06 IkeaKitchen_feeldesain_07 IkeaKitchen_feeldesain_08 IkeaKitchen_feeldesain_09 IkeaKitchen_feeldesain_10 IkeaKitchen_feeldesain_11 IkeaKitchen_feeldesain_12 IkeaKitchen_feeldesain_13

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