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The World’s Best Travel Jacket | Baubax
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The World’s Best Travel Jacket | Baubax

BauBax has made Crowdfunding history with this Kickstarter campaign. The entrepreneurs behind the BauBax aimed for $20,000, but have already raised well over 2 million. So what’s all the excitement about? Well, four versions of what can safely be defined as the ultimate travel jacket. Anyone who regularly travels on a plane comes across several problems more or less every time – you’re cold, you’re uncomfortable, after hours of queuing, waiting and delays you’d really like to get some shuteye, there isn’t enough space on the tray table, and you’ve lost all your important things in the bottom of your carry-on which is now in the overhead locker and unreachable. This jacket basically solves all of those problems and more, with a built-in hood/eye mask, pouches and pockets for everything from your tablet to passport and even one for your in-flight drink, a neck pillow, built in gloves, hand-warming pockets and even a zipper which is a pen, bottle opener and stylus in one. The BauBax will eventually be available for men and women in various colours and four styles: sweatshirt, bomber, windbreaker, and blazer. Find out more on the BauBax Kickstarter campaign page.

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