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If you’re in Monaco this summer and are a big PANTONE fan, you won’t want to miss the PANTONE Café. The café is unsurprisingly bursting with colour, and that even extends to the food on offer. To fit with the tagline Taste the Colors, each product has been matched with a shade, like PANTONE 13-2804: Pink Ham & Butter ham sandwiches or PANTONE 16-1349 Grapefruit Rose juice. Naturally, cups, chairs and everything else in the café is PANTONE through and through as well. The pop-up cafe can be found by the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco until the 9th September. Follow the café on Instagram to see more.

PantoneCafe_feeldesain_01 PantoneCafe_feeldesain_02 PantoneCafe_feeldesain_03 PantoneCafe_feeldesain_04 PantoneCafe_feeldesain_05 PantoneCafe_feeldesain_06 PantoneCafe_feeldesain_07 PantoneCafe_feeldesain_08 PantoneCafe_feeldesain_09 PantoneCafe_feeldesain_10 PantoneCafe_feeldesain_11 PantoneCafe_feeldesain_12

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