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Wire Shadow Writing | Fred Eerdekens
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Wire Shadow Writing | Fred Eerdekens

If you’re impressed by shadow art like that of Kumi Yamashita, you’ll love Fred Eerdekens too. The Dutch artist uses carefully sculpted metal wires which look like abstract squiggles, but when the lights are right, they create shadows which write out words and phrases in what looks like lovely handwriting. Check out the images below.

ShadowArt_feeldesain_01 ShadowArt_feeldesain_02 ShadowArt_feeldesain_03 ShadowArt_feeldesain_04 ShadowArt_feeldesain_05 ShadowArt_feeldesain_06 ShadowArt_feeldesain_07 ShadowArt_feeldesain_08 ShadowArt_feeldesain_09

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