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RC F Concept | M&C Saatchi for Lexus
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RC F Concept | M&C Saatchi for Lexus

Innovative Japanese car maker Lexus has developed a one-off version of the RC F model which not only makes your heart pound, but actually shows you how fast it’s going. Using a unique electroluminescent paint by Lumilor, the car is connected to the driver’s heart rate sensor and shows his or her heart rate pulsing on the side of the vehicle. This is a concept by Lexus Australia, in collaboration with Tricky JigsawM&C Saatchi‘s innovation division in Australia – which was intended to create a greater connection between car and driver. The custom version took about six months to build and although it’s just a concept, it goes to show how this kind of technology might start to be incorporated into automotive design – soon you might be looking at your biometrics on your car instead of your FitBit. Watch the video below to see the RC F concept in action…

RcF_feeldesain_01 RcF_feeldesain_02 RcF_feeldesain_03 RcF_feeldesain_04 RcF_feeldesain_05

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