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The Internship Match | Cathrine Understrup
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The Internship Match | Cathrine Understrup

Danish designer Cathrine Understrup really, really, really wanted an internship at SNASK. The catch? So did a whole lot of other people and there was a 2-year waiting list, so she had to make herself stand out from the crowd somehow. To catch the recruitment department’s attention, she challenged SNASK to a game of ping pong. Cathrine designed a ping pong paddle with the face of George Michael (also the name of the recruitment officer at the agency) on it, and posted it to Stockholm in a big, golden box. There was also a letter inside, inviting the agency to a ping pong match; at stake – an internship for the designer. In case you were wondering – SNASK offered Cathrine the internship of her dreams, proving that creativity can get you where you want to be!

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