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Mini Book 2015 | Mikaël Thiolet
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Mini Book 2015 | Mikaël Thiolet

Intuit Lab design and graphic communication student Mikaël Thiolet decided to up his CV game in order to find work. His idea involved sending prospective employers a very special bar of chocolate. He printed his resumé on the packaging, reflecting the way that nutritional information is usually displayed, including cute illustrations. Inside, he included the chocolate bar itself, as well as a selection of cards showing off his work in various different areas. All of this was sent off in a shiny, silver envelope. With all that, we bet he managed to catch someone’s attention!

MiniBook_feeldesain_01 MiniBook_feeldesain_02 MiniBook_feeldesain_03 MiniBook_feeldesain_04 MiniBook_feeldesain_05 MiniBook_feeldesain_06 MiniBook_feeldesain_07 MiniBook_feeldesain_08 MiniBook_feeldesain_09 MiniBook_feeldesain_10

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