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McDonald’s Amsterdam | Yael Weiser
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McDonald’s Amsterdam | Yael Weiser

This concept for fast food giant McDonald’s is by Israeli designer Yael Weiser. The designer shows how McDonald’s could consider marketing to particular areas and cities, in this case Amsterdam. Instead of using the brand’s traditional red, Weiser opted for a bright blue, and created some minimal illustrations based on some of the most famous things in the Dutch city, some of which have also been turned into gifs.

Mcdonalds_feeldesain_01 Mcdonalds_feeldesain_02 Mcdonalds_feeldesain_03 Mcdonalds_feeldesain_04 Mcdonalds_feeldesain_05 Mcdonalds_feeldesain_06 Mcdonalds_feeldesain_07 Mcdonalds_feeldesain_08 Mcdonalds_feeldesain_09

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