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Sushi & Co. Branding | Bond
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Sushi & Co. Branding | Bond

Sushi & Co. is a Japanese restaurant on board a Baltic Sea cruise ship. Finnish studio Bond created a new visual identity which adds a certain Scandinavian simplicity to the brand. Bond carefully studied type, colour, and shapes in order to create a simple but recognisable logo, as well as sophisticated menus, napkins, trays and more, which all look fantastic together and within the modern restaurant environment.

SushiCo_feeldesain_01 SushiCo_feeldesain_02 SushiCo_feeldesain_03 SushiCo_feeldesain_04 SushiCo_feeldesain_05 SushiCo_feeldesain_06 SushiCo_feeldesain_07 SushiCo_feeldesain_08 SushiCo_feeldesain_09 SushiCo_feeldesain_10 SushiCo_feeldesain_11 SushiCo_feeldesain_12 SushiCo_feeldesain_13 SushiCo_feeldesain_14 SushiCo_feeldesain_15

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